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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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to spend another 20 percent to meet the disabled access. >> reality is 20 percent more. contract price. >> yeah. you are allowed to deduct the amount includes to do the disabled access work. i'd have to look the specific language in 1134 d how you deduct that. there are certain things that are exempt from disabled access. disabled access is required when you are doing alterations, structu structural repairs or additions. nonstructural repairs does not trigger disabled access under state law. alterations where you change things to disabled access. a nonstructural repair something
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has fallen off the building and you are fixing it does not trigger disabled access. new carpeting does not trig are disabled access because it's not an alteration. >> when is it required to have an accessible restroom if you have a small restaurant, for example? >> if the restaurant is new, if it's new, you need to make the restrooms a restroom accessible the plumbing code, the building code has a table that says how many restrooms you need. it says where you have 4 or fewer employees. ; is that correct, you can have a single uni~ sex accessible restroom or fewer employees. if you have an existing restaurant and you are not doing any work you don't have to make your restroom accessible. except there is an ada issue,
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the ada the americans with disability act is a national umbrella requirement says you need to do things that are readily achievable. that means even if you are not doing work that triggers access under the state law the 119 thousand dollars or anything you are obligated as a business to do anything readily achievable. may be change hardware, nonskid surface on a ramp. put signage up. change the hardware on the sink. if you don't have a full i compliant bathroom you as a business owner should make an effort to make your restaurant or business compliant. there is a conflict between that and the state standard. >> is the new restaurant meaning it's a new owner or m n
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meaning -- what is a new restaurant? >> the state code and ada doesn't care who owns it. the state code certainly doesn't. if there is an existing restaurant and it's cold and you are not doing work which is always never the case. assume being you don't dpo work there is nothing triggered. if you do finishing or carpet that is a nonstructural repair and maintenance that does not trigger disabled access. that's very rare. new owner purchases a facility or restaurant they always want to do something. >> i think the other area of ada that a restaurateur needs to be aware of is any citizen in the country can sue a business for not being accessible whether or not they have taken out a building permit. there are attorneys in the country that do this for a living.
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ethical standard if you have done the things red lye available. run in the bathroom stall and put in 2 grab embarrass so someone in a wheel chair can use a toilet they will probably leave you alone. if you have done nothing and an act vift walks if in you may be sued in order to bring your facility up to code. it's more expensive to do the work and fight the litigation than it is to settle. it's a shake down, if you would. it's important that restaurateurs do what they can to reasonably accommodate everyone. if you make the effort you will probably be fine. if you make no effort that would be a concern for your business long-term. >> even if's not triggered as a legal requirement, what is readily achievable, do it. it's not that expensive.
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>> and the up side is you are accomodating your customer. >> that's right. >> i want to talk about mezzanines come up all the time. there is a restaurant in san francisco called mezzanine, have to go there. mezzanines come up all the time. a mezzanine in an existing restaurant does not need to be made disabled accessible if the area served is of 25 percent or less of the same area provided in the main area of the restaurant. the area in the mezzanine is not more than 25 percent of the service area of the restaurant if that's the service area. and mezzanines are limited to a third of the room to which they are opening. mezzanines are interesting they
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are areas within a space for which you don't pay for space rent, is that your understanding? >> i would agree. >> some restaurants i see rent a space and put in a mezzanine they have 250 square feet of usable in some way which is a real benefit in many cases. and they have certain exemptions from disabled access but you have to provide the same searchses on the mezzanine as on the floor. >> the code says in an existing restaurant. a mezzanine that is no more than 25 percent may -- and that can be interpreted loosely. you get the permit for the restaurant and come and get the mezzanine permit and it's an existing restaurant. other requirements and
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thresholds, elevators are extremely expensive people who build restaurants with elevators are doing major projects. heavens if you get involved in an elevator and it's another 100 thousand dollars. other disabled access, where there are 2 exceptions based on the size of the building. they say this is unreasonable to require an elevator and you are exempted. the disabled access is expensive upgrade requirement. the green building stuff we will see a lot of green building regulations in the next 10 years and start affecting restaurants as well as every build negligent stay. have to do with lighting and envelope efficiency.
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it will tighten up the rooup rules more. it's not just the state and local legal the bay area air quality management district passed a law with restaurants where you have a broiler of more than 10, >> 10 feet. >> you have to have a special way to burn off the grease and vent. very expensive. there are regulations coming from every direction and mostly ending up in the building code. whether they are social issues or health and safety issues they'll be in the building code. yes , sir. >> on the exiting, you have 2 fire exits do both have to be disabled access or can you have one? >> the code just changed. it used to say an accessible entry and now you need
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accessible exits as well. for new accessible for remodels red you with use the second exit. >> the lift, ironically we got a call from a client who wants to install an out door lift to get from the garage and the platform at the main level of the house. i was wondering whether wise is that allowed in san francisco. i see by the brochure of the lift manufacture they do outside lifts. i was concerned about pushing electrical butt ons on it. >> i see out door lifts in the city and they need more service but are listed and approved. >> if you want information about golden gate association can they give a call. >> 781-5348 extension one.
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website is ggra. org. there is hundreds of pages of data on the website. >> like to thank kevin lesly from golden gate restaurant association. thank you very much. [applause]. thank you for coming. we will see you next time.
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